Ways to Support

There are a variety of ways to financial support Carter High School without giving an extra cent! That is correct, there are programmes that provide financial giving options that are convenient and do not cost extra money.

We look forward to partner with you in developing young lives at Carter High School. Your contribution makes a difference!

Makro Rebate Programme

Makro logo

Carter High is a member of the Makro School Programme where we enjoy rebates through purchases made by you at Makro. If you haven't done so already, please support Carter High School by registering for this beneficial programme. Each time you swipe your Makro card, you financially support the school. It’s a convenience way to get involved!

Click on this link to register for, or learn more about the Makro School Programme.

MySchool Programme

My School logo

Carter High School is a member of the MySchool programme. MySchool raises funds for schools around South Africa through you swiping your MySchool card at participating stores. Please support Carter High School by registering with this programme and using your card whenever shopping at a participating store. It is an easy, convenient method of supporting our school and it does not cost you a cent. Each time you swipe you My School card, Carter High School receives a percentage of your purchase made.

Click here to visit the MySchool Supporter Application website.

Litres for Education

Litres for Education logo

Litres for Education is an educational trust which was formed to enable people to reward their selected school through their monthly fuel spend. This can be done by displaying the donor disc for the school of your choice and filling up at a participating petrol station. Through registering with an approved Litre for Education Service Station and linking your membership to one of the partner schools, a portion of your monthly fuel spend will be given back to the school.

Approved Petrol Stations in Pietermaritzburg:

How does it work?

You have filled up petrol and supported Carter High School!

Corporate Sponsorship

There are a variety of ways to support and partner with Carter High School. We would like to encourage Corporates to get involved and adopt a minimum of one project a year.  We welcome the idea of co-branding in return for your generosity.

Every business has its goals and targets which it should achieve.  We do various fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds to purchase needed items for the school.  However, the amounts raised are often not sufficient to purchase the larger items required.  We therefore rely heavily on the generosity of Corporates to assist us. 

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:

Should you wish to be part of our dynamic sponsor list kindly contact the Marketing Manager on: 033-35-1922 ext. 220 or marketing@carterhigh.co.za